Our Story

Our Evolution

Legends Haus is the evolution of what we started in the summer of 2021 with Fighters First Clothing and Apparel. Except, this site is dedicated to paying homage to professional wrestling.

Fighters First was started with goal of doing exactly what the name says... putting fighters first with officially licensed collections that give fans an opportunity to support their favorite combat sports athletes. But it grew into so much more.

Wrestling runs in our fandom bloodline, when the opportunity to do an officially licensed collection with the estate of the legendary Davey Boy Smith through his daughter, Georgia Smith, a new chapter was started. We then added Dynamite Kid, Bad News Allen, Paul Orndorff and Ivan Koloff.

As the collections grew, we started thinking about better ways to pay homage to these amazing legends and their stories. More than anything, their stories. Every great wrestler has moments that are engraved in stone. Stories about epic events and tales about how those events took place.

We have built great relationships with the families of our legends, and we take great honor in the trust that they place in us to properly honor their loved ones.

Launching Legends Haus

Like we said... We are wrestling fans! We cherish the moments we have seen in our lives, the stories of the events before us and look forward to the stories that are still being written. And with that... we launched Legends Haus.

Legends Haus is all about paying homage to those legends, telling their stories not only through our clothing and collections but through social media, our network on YouTube and yes... through our apparel. Legends Haus is about respecting and sharing the legends of our lifetime and those that paved the way.

So going forward, Fighters First can focus on the fighters and athletes of today, while Legends Haus focuses on paying homage.

Our apparel is all premium quality, shipped worldwide and all officially licensed.

Legends Haus is owned and operated by Fighters First, LLC

For any inquiries... Email support@legendshaus.com